Some news, and a special request.

Good News Regarding Barnes & Noble

Yesterday we updated you on the state of things with Barnes & Noble, including our plan to cover the remaining 2/3 of author payments for February. We were overwhelmed by the positive response from our authors! Frankly, some of you showed a level of generosity and concern toward us, and toward your fellow authors, that was simply inspiring. We could not be more grateful!

Yesterday, we asked you to share our faith that Barnes & Noble would make this right and that staying the course would benefit all of us. Today we are thrilled to bring you some good news:

Barnes & Noble has informed us that they will be paying the full amount of funds due from February. In addition, they have assured us that all future payments will be on time.

We expect that everyone will receive their payment by Wednesday, April 29th.

This outcome is due, in part, to the outpouring of messages we received from our authors, which we then passed on to Barnes & Noble. Your supportive messages and your concerns did not go unheard!

As a result, B&N re-evaluated our account and determined that there was an error—and it’s an error that is actually a good sign for all Draft2Digital authors.

The decision to pay only 1/3 of payments due was made with B&N’s large, traditional publisher accounts in mind. The error was that the volume of books distributed and sold via Draft2Digital inadvertently put us in that category.

In short, so many of you publish and sell on B&N’s Nook platform, via D2D, that we were mistakenly considered one of the “big” publishers!

Once B&N realized their mistake, they rectified it immediately. Funds are being transferred to us, and we will be able to pay you the full amount without having to cover any of it ourselves.

Barnes & Noble was emphatic in their apology for this oversight, and equally emphatic about how much they appreciate and strongly support self-published authors. They have indicated to us that it was never their intention to withhold funds from D2D’s author community.

We are very happy with this outcome, and we appreciate Barnes & Noble’s expedience in resolving it. But we want to extend our heartfelt and sincere appreciation and gratitude to you.

We have always said that our authors are not just our business; they are the best reason to be in business at all. You proved that we were right. Our faith in you has been rewarded.

Thank you, sincerely, from the Draft2Digital Team

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