Introducing Author Pages and Book Tabs!
We spend a lot of our time thinking of new ways to help authors take things to the next level. Now we’re working on tackling the ultimate challenge:

Author Discoverability

There are a lot of ideas on our drawing board, and a lot of new tools in development. But just like any good story, there has to be a strong beginning that really grabs you. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce two new free tools that can help you put your work in front of more readers.
D2D Author Pages
Having a central place to send readers, where they can learn more about you and find all of your work, is a critical part of any author marketing strategy. D2D Author Pages will give you a single platform, where readers can find out more about you, and find all of your books. We’ve crafted a beautifully designed layout that includes:

  • Your author bio
  • Your author photo
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • Customizable page elements to help promote your book to readers
  • A button that readers will be itching to click, to follow you for new release notifications or to join your mailing list, pointing to the list signup tool of your choice
  • Carousels of your books and series, so readers can easily find your work!

Unlike author pages you may be used to, your D2D Author Page is built completely with you and your readers in mind. Whether you are selling in one storefront or two or twelve, your readers will be able to find your books at the retailer of their choice, thanks to your D2D Author Page.

For a video introduction to D2D Author Pages click here

D2D Book Tabs
These are more than product pages. D2D Book Tabs are where your book lives and breathes online. They give your readers a beautiful and convenient place to find out everything they need to know to make the decision to buy and read your book.

Using our Universal Book Links (UBLs), Book Tabs are completely independent of any single eBook retailer. Readers can click the Buy Now button and find your book everywhere it’s sold online. And they can choose a default store, so that the next time they click Buy Now on your book pages, they straight to where they prefer to get their eBooks.

Fewer clicks between your readers and your books means a better chance of making the sale!
Book Tabs include:

  • Your book and series titles
  • Your name as the author, with a link for readers to find more books by you
  • The cover image of your book
  • A customizable book description
  • Customizable page elements to help promote your book to readers
  • A Buy Now button that uses our UBLs
  • Thumbnails of other books in the same series
  • Your author photo and bio, along with links and buttons for readers to follow you on social media, and to either sign up for your mailing list or notified when you have new releases

Both your D2D Author Page and your D2D Book Tabs are designed with an easy and enticing user experience in mind. They’re a perfect balance of form and function, encouraging readers to click through, to buy your books, and to come back for more. They’re a sleek, attractive, and easy way to promote you and your work, and to increase your discoverability online.

We think they’ll become the home base of your online platform—and we’re just getting started. New features, new tools, and new resources will be added as we go and grow.

Let the discovery begin.

Happy writing,
The Draft2Digital Team

Draft2Digital, 9400 N. Broadway, Ste. 410, Oklahoma City, OK 73114, United States

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